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Mondays with Mac: Choose Financial Freedom

by Mac Anderson on May 2, 2011

Here’s a story from one of the newest Simple Truths books, One Choice. Often, a change in your life can be traced back to a single event. At that time, you made a choice that changed your life.

Once ChoiceThat’s what One Choice is all about…those watershed moments that make all the difference. Enjoy this excerpt:

Whether you’re born rich or not, the power to be rich is within your control. You have to make the choice… and then follow through. That’s the advice of financial counselor David Bach. In his book, Start Late, Finish Rich: A no-fail plan for achieving financial freedom at any age, he relates the story of one of his clients who appeared on the Oprah show, sharing how she made the choice and successfully accumulated $1.6 million in a brokerage account…starting in her early fifties.

Her name is Lynn Haley, and Oprah explained that she came to my first “Smart Women Finish Rich” seminar when she was in her early fifties, put a plan in place, and took action. Now here she is a decade or so later, having retired a multi-millionaire.

Lynn is beaming with pride—as well she should. Although she got a late start, she didn’t let that stop her from taking action to catch up. She wasn’t poor when I met her, but she didn’t have a plan in place to really finish rich.

I told her as much during our first appointment. “Lynn,” I said, “with what you have now, you won’t starve during your retirement. You’ll be able to enjoy the ‘early bird special.’ But you won’t be traveling to Europe or taking any cruises. If you want to finish rich, you are going to need a new plan of action.”

I made it clear to her that this new plan wouldn’t involve anything particularly fancy or complicated. It would all be based on common sense. The thing was, she would have to apply what I taught her. Not just pay it lip service, but actually do it.

“The choice is ultimately yours,” I told her. “If you want to retire rich, we can work together to make it happen. I’ll guide you, but you’ll need to follow through. Otherwise, it won’t work.”

Lynn was up to the challenge. “Tell me what I need to do, David, and I’ll do it,” she said.

Fewer than 10 years later, Lynn took early retirement—rich enough to do what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it. And getting there wasn’t all that difficult. In fact, the hardest thing Lynn had to do was what she did that first day we met: deciding—and then really believing—that it wasn’t too late for her to be able to change her destiny.

Which life will you choose?

When you contrast the bad news (the paycheck-to-paycheck struggle that kills freedom) with the good news (the phenomenal wealth and opportunity that is all around us), you begin to realize that life is not fair.

The fact is, you don’t get in life what you wish for.

You get in life what you go for.

What have been your watershed moments? How can you make those hard choices? What advice do you have for others?


Di Chapman May 3, 2011 at 8:51 am

Thank you so much for this powerful message! For those among us whose financial health suffered during this recession, it can be extremely difficult to picture ourself “finishing strong” down the line.

But, you know what? If we start to think in terms of making just “one choice” today to re-chart our future, it seems incredibly “do-able.”

Let’s see … what is the choice I’ll make?

Di Chapman

anand May 3, 2011 at 9:51 pm

The moment we are able to differentiate and decide between ‘Need’ & ‘Want’ we shall feel the Financial Freedom.

Matt May 4, 2011 at 4:03 pm

Thanks for your comments! This is a powerful message, and it’s interesting how one choice can make the difference between financial freedom and more of the same.

tomila May 4, 2011 at 5:10 pm

This article is on point. Many individuals have dreams however they remain just a dream. This is due to the fact no one wants to put in the work. An individual once told me you become what you think about. Your vision and mindset will change when you have visuals posted of what you want. Traditional j.o.b.s which I like to refer to as just over broke will never create wealth unless your the CEO. J.o.b.s require the 40/40 plan. Work 40 years for 40 hours to retire on 40% of your pay. Additionally, you have a host of monthly bills to be paid with one check! Thank God for Organo Gold International ! Seven ways to get paid plus a global pool bonus that’s paid quarterly! It allowed me to fire my boss and call in well. That call went like this, “good morning I just wanted to let u know…well I wont be coming in anymore “. Lol

tomila May 4, 2011 at 5:16 pm

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